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Roll Form Racking

Difference in Manufacturing Roll form racking is manufactured by roll forming flat steel stock into a desired shape, commonly an open “C” shape for the uprights and a closed tube with a step for the beams. Typically, “tear drop” holes are punched into the face of the upright to allow for the installation of beams without the need for any additional hardware. Structural frames and beams are manufactured from hot-rolled [...]

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Why Powder Coat

Powder coating provides a tough finish that resists corrosion. Compared to traditional liquid finishing, it emits less hazardous materials - for a safer process. Our powder coating process matches our commitment to keep costs to our customers low. How Powder Coating Works Although you can see its results, powder coatings are based on nanotechnology. The coats themselves combine curatives, pigments, levelers, flow modifiers and other additives - designed to bond [...]

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