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Roller Die is Working Out in Sports Stadiums

Roller Die is Working Out in Sports Stadiums. Our facility in Louisville, Kentucky is currently producing bleacher seats for a football stadium. While we are always in the process of producing a wide variety of parts, it's fun occasionally to think about how a part will be used for the enjoyment of members of our team and many hundreds of thousands of other individuals. Football season may still be half [...]

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Roll Forming and the Office Furniture Market: A Perfect Match

Some manufacturing processes and end products were simply made for each other. Roll forming metals and the contract office furniture share such a natural relationship. Contract office panel manufacturers must meet a variety of customer needs when it comes to design and functionality. Roller Die + Forming recognizes these variations necessitate multiple lengths, hole patterns, and structural integrity - all of which must meet strict industry standards. Roller Die + Forming’s [...]

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How does Roll Forming Work?

Roll forming is our passion here at Roller Die + Forming. Roll formed material is often the chosen process for shaping metal because it provides a great and accurate product for a reasonable price. The roll forming process is also highly efficient and when you have a clear understanding of extent of what we can do, it opens a world of possibilities to help meet your production needs. Before we [...]

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Excellence in Engineering at Roller Die + Forming

The engineering staff here at Roller Die + Forming boasts over 170 years of combined roll forming experience. We understand the art and magic that goes into making roll formed parts. Every day, we use this real-world experience to work with customers to find ways to help reduce startup costs, reduce piece pricing, and improve on part quality. Having this interaction and support available at the onset of the manufacturing [...]