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Roller Die + Forming rolls custom parts for Santa’s Workshop

Rapidly growing custom metal forming company Roller Die works with the elves at Santa's Workshop to make custom solar racks for field and rooftop use, powering Santa's workshop into the future. NORTH POLE, December 25, 2020 -- It takes acres of solar to power the North Pole factories throughout the summer. That's why Santa's engineering team reached out to Roller Die + Forming to help manufacture custom racks for their [...]

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Customer Advantages with Upgraded Equipment

The plant managers at Roller Die + Forming are always working on upgrading equipment, in ways small and large. From upgraded hand tools to ensure employee safety and accuracy to new roll mills, management is willing to invest wisely in the future. Our new roll mills allow us to place rolls closer together which leads to a number of advantages. First, the new mills can hold tighter tolerances in roll [...]

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Roller Die’s Focus on Speed Helps in a Changing Market

We often talk about Roller Die’s focus on speed. This may mean turning around most quotes in 24 hours or less, getting good responses from sales and customer service, and quickly handling problems. Internally, however, our focus on speed goes deeper and has really helped many of our customers adapt and adjust to the changing marketplace. Thanks to the efforts of our plant managers, our focus on speed has led [...]

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Roller Die Creates Tooling for Aluminum Angles

Steel isn’t the only material that can be easily roll formed. Aluminum is another excellent option for parts where weight and flexibility are key. Parts made from various different grades and finishes of aluminum are great for applications where structures move and flex and weigh much less than a comparable part made from steel. Transportation is one field where aluminum parts are used, including cars, trucks, airplanes, space applications, and [...]

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Planning for Steel Mill Outages to Avoid Material Shortage

Roller Die customers are encouraged to place orders for the coming months as soon as possible. Steel mills across the country are reporting outages for various reasons, driving up the costs of raw material and the time to receive that material. While most of the outages are due to scheduled equipment maintenance, unplanned outages are also occurring. Since steel is one of the more common metals used in roll forming, [...]

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7 Reasons Roll Forming is More Efficient

Roll forming is a process that involves passing coiled sheet metal through a horizontal series of rotating dies to produce the desired shape. This method offers a flexible and cost-efficient process of shaping metals into different shapes or custom cross-section profiles. Roll forming is superior to other metal forming processes, and it is used in a wide range of industrial processes, including steel fabrication, metal fabricators, and more. Below are [...]

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5 Reasons You Should Make Solar Panel Frames With Roll Forming

Roll forming is highly efficient for projects that require medium to high volumes, tight tolerances, and an attractive finish. One of such projects is the manufacturing of solar panel frames. Solar panel framing usually requires specialized materials, exclusive designs, and critical hole placements for field assembly. Also, these panel frames may be required in large volumes. Thankfully, roll forming produces a higher volume of products at lower costs. Here are [...]

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Top 5 Advantages of Roll Forming

Roll forming is a metal manufacturing process that takes cold metal sheets or rolls and passes them through a series of rollers to bend and shape the metal into the desired cross section. Roll forming is used in a wide variety of industries, from automobiles to material handling – anywhere shaped metal parts are found – and there are many advantages to using roll forming over pressing or welding. Cold [...]

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Roller Die is Open and Taking Orders for Just in Time Delivery

Many of our customers are interested in having their parts supplied on a just-in-time basis, allowing them to keep inventory low and flex to respond to market demand. Serving OEM and tier one automotive companies, as well as appliance manufacturers, and many others, our team works with a customer’s purchasing and production departments to lock in projected demand, purchase material, and ensure a steady stream of parts to the customer’s [...]

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Data-Driven Decisions Help Roller Die Improve

Roller Die + Forming facilities always work to improve their facility, quality, and production times, ensuring that we meet customer needs, our team has a safe, clean space, and we keep our machines running smoothly. Data driven problem solving is especially important to our team as it helps them identify areas where changes will make an impact and measure the resulting efforts. Our teams are focused on eliminating the biggest [...]

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