Louisville / Frankfort, KY

Louisville/Frankfort Facility

Roller Die + Forming has been producing custom and standard roll formed parts for over 85 years, and we serve clients from the United States, Mexico, Canada, and the rest of the world. Our Louisville KY plant is a massive 133,000 square foot plant, capable of completing any job necessary for Roller Die + Forming. What exactly is roll forming though and how can you benefit from it?

Roll forming is a way that your company can acquire the metal components that it needs in the most cost-effective way. In our Louisville roll forming plant, we can produce an unlimited amount of strong metal components quickly, to your exact specifications. For this to be accomplished, sheet metal passes through a series of rollers. Each one of these rollers adds shape to the passing metal. The rolls always work together to produce the desired cross sections. This process is very consistent and easy to repeat; this makes roll forming a good way to produce high volumes of metal components.

Roll forming in Louisville is not simple, but it is very rewarding. We serve many customers in many different industries, and we love helping our clients.

Our Louisville roll forming plant produces parts for the following industries:

  • Truck Trailer – Parts necessary to keep truck trailers intact and operational
  • Highway Construction and Safety – Parts that help keep highways together to prevent potential injury or death
  • Bus – Parts to keep buses running as they should
  • Appliance – Parts that keep residential and commercial appliances working for a long time
  • Office Furniture – Parts to restore furniture and keep office furniture from wearing down
  • Material Handling – Parts to help keep material handling hardware operational
  • Marine – Parts that help keep marine life safe in their environment
  • Solar – Parts that help us maintain and produce products that aid us in harnessing energy from the sun

Processes Utilized:

  • Roll Forming
  • Bi-metal Roll Forming
  • Bending
  • Welding
  • Assembly

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