Roll Forming your Solar Racking

What is Roll Forming and why is it cost effective for the Solar Industry?

Roll Forming is a process of taking coiled steel, running metal through rollers, producing the exact shape that is required. This is a continuous process, which in turn makes Roll Forming optimal when running larger amounts of steel.

The reason that Roll Forming is more cost-effective than other alternatives, is due to the fact that the parts can be produced in a single continuous manner, and can be produced fairly quickly with an accuracy to detail.

We can Roll Solar Form Panel

No matter what items you need for your solar racks, roll forming your solar racking by Roller Die guarantees the most consistent and accurate forming on the market.

Roller Die

Roller Die has been working with the Solar Industry for years and is attending several upcoming solar events. If you are a solar producer and you are trying to get the most bang for your buck, call now. If you would like to learn more about how roll forming your solar racking or our pricing and process, give us a call today!