Roller Die + Forming Works With Customers to Understand Demand

Roller Die + Forming works with customers on pricing when they have a clear picture of their demand. We can also do this when they’re working on a project basis. Working with customers to understand the demand allows us to go negotiate with our suppliers to get them the best price.

When we start with known pricing and then we establish an increase based on an index that’s well known. That way, we both know the changes up or down in the marketplace and how that affects pricing. If during the interim there’s some dramatic change, we get back together to see if the customer wants to either push out or pull in more material to help control the cost.

The other type of customer Roller Die has is more project-based. We find this type typically in material handling and in solar applications because there is a long cycle between quoting and installation. This customer has higher volumes in materials and these projects are generally much more sensitive to changes in cost.

In those situations, we work with both the potential customer and the supplier to understand and anticipate what’s happening in the market. Then we can make a decision to either put off buying material if the market is going to go down. We can also make a large buy and hold the material so that the customer does not have to change the price once they have awarded the business.

In any situation, Roller Die + Forming works tirelessly with our customers. We want to ensure we understand their anticipated demand and work to get them the best possible material costs. Reach out to our sales team today to learn more.