Roller Die’s Standard Tooling Library

Roller Die + Forming has over 65 years of experience. Over that time, we’ve developed an extensive library of in-house tooling for common shapes. We can use those for our customers to help drastically reduce the startup costs of a project associated with creating new tooling. In addition, migrating towards a standard profile can save as much as 70% of the initial startup cost.

Using the roll form parts from the standard tooling library also reduces the lead-time necessary to start a project. Therefore, this helps as we don’t have to manufacture new roll formers. If we already have the tool on the shelf, we’ve been able to reduce that initial lead-time anywhere from the normal 20 to 22 weeks down to 5 to 6 weeks.

The standard tooling library evolved over time and our in-house tool shop continues to expand it. You can download a copy of the catalog here or request a quote based on one of our standard shapes. Our experienced engineering team’s well-acquainted with our tooling library. Additionally, they are always looking for ways to use our in-house parts to cut customer costs.

To learn more, visit our Standard Tooling Library to browse all the available shapes and see if one will work for your project. Then Request a Quote to work directly with our experienced sales and engineering team to create the perfect roll formed part for your project. Our team is experienced meeting the needs of solar, automotive, appliance, material handling, trucking, and many other industries.