Creating Value for Customers

At Roller Die + Forming, we work directly with our customers to incorporate as much value into a part as possible. Often, creating value for customers means eliminating secondary operations. For example, if your part contains holes, perforations, notches, embossing, or tabs, we can almost always incorporate these features inline as part of our process. Adding these features within the roll forming process eliminates the need to move parts into a secondary operation, saving time in the process and money for customers.

While the integration of secondary operations inline is one of the common ways we reduce costs, there are also additional ways we can add value. Consider the cost savings of being able to take a multiple piece assembly and replace it with a single roll formed profile. Our ability to roll material back onto itself with 0t bends often lends itself to a single piece design replacing a multiple piece assembly. This gives our customers cost savings in both reductions of material, content, and labor.

Let’s consider another example. Think about an application that would require two 90-degree angles placed back-to-back and bolted together to make a “T” shape. If an application required thousands of feet of this assembly, then labor cost will be a major factor in the overall project cost. With roll forming, we can make a very similar continuous shape by forming the material back onto itself on each leg, giving you 1-part that replaces a 2-piece assembly. The part is then cut to length at the end of the line. These cuts can include any length variances required for the application. This is all done in a single inline process. The net result of these efforts is a more thoughtful design that also delivers considerable cost savings.

If you’d like to learn more about custom metal forming and how our processes can help cut your costs and create additional value, reach out to one of the experienced Roller Die + Forming sales team members today.