Roller Die Continues Season of Giving

Charitable giving doesn’t stop when the holidays end. Roller Die + Forming leadership is active in a number of different state and national charities and supports events throughout the year. While we speak most frequently of our work with USA Cares because we appreciate how they support our veterans and many of the workers in our plants are vets, we wanted to highlight another organization today, Down Syndrome of Louisville.the season of giving for Down Syndrome Of Louisville

Founded in 1977, the organization now serves individuals with down syndrome in throughout Kentucky and Indiana. From pre-school and school support for individuals and their families to adult development and career support, this program offers both advocacy for the rights of down syndrome individuals as well as practical programs to help them.

For example, having a career and being a part of the community can bring a huge amount of satisfaction to any individual and Down Syndrome of Louisville’s Career Solutions works with each individual to understand their capabilities, interests, and talents and help them find long-term employment situations. The Dance Team, meanwhile, has weekly meetings and regular performances to give the Boogie Down Crew a chance to enjoy dancing and healthy movement.

From book clubs to teenager socials, the work done by Down Syndrome of Louisville is important to our community and Roller Die + Forming is proud to support their efforts. Members of the Roller Die team have family who is impacted by Down Syndrome, so knowing that Roller Die is contributing to a group that makes a worthwhile impact on the people we love makes it a truly valuable contribution to our community.