One Part with Multiple Lengths? Roll Forming Can Handle That

Often, companies have a single shape they’ve chosen that needs to be produced in multiple lengths, from long runs to short sections designed to fill gaps. The roll forming process at Roller
Die + Forming can not only handle multiple lengths, but we can also implement a different punch a pattern for each length we run as part of the same process, allowing you to create multiple parts as part of the same line.

One example is a customer who not only had multiple part lengths they had to break press but was also laser cutting all the holes in their parts. Switching to our one-piece flow roll forming and multiple punch patterns proved easier and faster (and therefore more efficient and less expensive).

Now, there are times when the volume is low and a simple break and laser operation is more efficient. However, it doesn’t take much volume, especially when you are creating tools that work for multiple pieces and taking advantage of the pre-existing tooling in Roller Die’s Standard Tooling library, to make roll forming cost effective. While not ideal for prototyping, as your company starts to realize larger volumes, the speed and flexibility of the roll forming process make sense.

Your company may just be getting to that point and considering whether roll forming is the right solution. Reach out to the highly experienced sales team and Roller Die to discuss your part. They’ll help you determine whether your volume is ready for the investment in roll form tooling, if we have tools available to help you cut that cost, and even help determine when that point will be for you if it’s still in the future.