Three of Our Value Added Services

If you’re considering roll forming apart, you’ve probably explored your options. At Roller Die + Forming, we have a number of value-added services we offer our customers that set up apart from the competition. Here are just three of the things that really set us apart.

  1. In-House Engineering: Before we even provide a quote for your part, our engineering team has reviewed the available schematics and has an idea of how we would roll your part on our equipment and what tooling we would need to make. Our engineers have deep experience with roll forming and know the machines at each plant well. So when you get a quote, you know that an engineer has seen and confirmed that we can roll the part and that they’ll be involved in the process to ensure the final product is high quality and cost-effective.
  2. One-Piece Flow: When we roll a part, we don’t just bend the metal into the shape necessary, we can also add a number of different steps into the process to further form the part. These can
    include punching holes in a variety of patterns to accommodate the parts fitting together, cutting the part to various lengths, and stamping the part to add additional shaping. Doing this as part of the same process can save labor costs as well as handling.
  3. Market Diversity: With experience in markets from automotive and construction to solar racking and automated material handling systems, our team of sales, engineering, and quality control experts know how to ensure your parts meet both your standards and industry standards so that you can, in turn, focus on your customers.

Reach out to the sales team at Roller Die + Forming to learn more about our different capabilities. They can also tell you how we use our Standard Tooling Library to cut the up-front cost of tooling for our customers, making it that much easier to invest in roll forming for your business.