Custom Roll Forming Tooling

While we often like to talk about our Standard Tooling Library and how Roller Die + Forming saves customers significantly in their initial costs by leveraging our pre-made tooling, we also do custom roll forming tooling design. We have both the engineers and the tool room in house to create the tooling needed to run any shape on many different types of metals. Whether you’re looking for an aluminum angle or a stainless steel hat section, our team can make that happen.

The first step to getting custom tooling is working with our engineering team to turn your part drawings into the correct tools. This may include a series of punches that put any necessary holes into the metal. You can even design hole punches that work for multiple parts, allowing you to punch different patterns into the metal. Next, we’ll design a series of metal rollers that bend the metal into the custom shape needed. We ensure our parts match or exceed industry tolerance standards. Finally, we’ll design a cut off die that can cleanly cut your part to any length necessary.

Roller Die + Forming also offers a variety of other in-line processes to help create a finished part, from welding to powder coating to punching. Our engineering team will help you leverage our different services to ensure you’re getting exactly the finished part you need.

Once the tooling design is complete, our in-house tool room is able to create and maintain your custom roll forming tooling. This lets us give you an accurate estimate on when we’ll be able to get your tooling created and also ensures that as you use your tooling, any maintenance is happening in a timely fashion.

Many Roller Die customers use some parts from our Standard Tooling Library and some custom tooling. To learn what would work best for your project, reach out to our sales team.