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Excellence in Engineering at Roller Die + Forming

The engineering staff here at Roller Die + Forming boasts over 170 years of combined roll forming experience. We understand the art and magic that goes into making roll formed parts. Every day, we use this real-world experience to work with customers to find ways to help reduce startup costs, reduce piece pricing, and improve on part quality. Having this interaction and support available at the onset of the manufacturing [...]

Roll Forming: a Sustainable Manufacturing Process

“Sustainability” has grown to become an essential business strategy in manufacturing and is important to the team at Roller Die + Forming.  Shareholders continually push manufacturers for evidence of their sustainable practices[i].  As a result, manufacturing companies are investing heavily in bringing their products, process, and plants up to certified sustainable levels as well as purchasing components supporting the same attributes.  Maintaining a sustainable business practice has become a way [...]

Roller Die Runs .250 Grade 50 Steel

Roller Die runs 0.250 grade 50 steel.  We just completed a very large order of .250 X 2.750 X 2.750 angle.  This order ran off one of the tools that we have in our standard library of tooling.  As of today, we have 3,500 unique sets of tools.  We can do most jobs with a very minimal setup charge. Let us save you money by using the toolsets in our [...]

Roller Die: Watch Us Grow Solar

The past year has seen a huge rise in solar power projects for our industry, and Roller Die is leading the way. We are now actively promoting our solar capabilities on this website — click here. Roll forming is the ideal method for producing solar panel mounting systems. Our solar panel mounts maintain solar panel positioning, at the perfect angle for receiving the sun’s rays. Plus, roll formed solar panel mounting systems [...]

NEW Blog Topic – Manufacturer News

At Roller Die, we believe in real, fair pricing. We house one of the largest catalogs of free tooling in the world (over 2300 parts), in order to offer great value to our customers. In light of recent steel price increases and these economic times, businesses are proving their accountability. That’s why we are now publishing letters, pricing charts, and forecasting announcements straight from our manufacturers, right here on our [...]

ISO Re Check

Last week we had our re certification audit for our ISO certification. I was very pleased, with the results, and our team did a great job. I want to especially thank Mike Warfield who is our Quality Director for his efforts. A lot of Roller Formers are not ISO qualified, so be careful when you are looking for a supplier for this should provide you the buyer with some confidences [...]

Going Green

It is funny to me that everyone is just starting to do this. At RDF, we have been working on going green for the last five years. We have reduced the number of wood skids that we receive our material on. We have also been willing to work with our customers on using returnables. Last year, we removed all of the old lights in the plant and replaced them with [...]

Why Roll Forming vs Angle Iron or Channels produce at a Mill

There are several reasons why to use Roll Forming Vs Mill Iron, or Angle Iron. Roll Forming offers a lot of different lengths Vs standard 8, 10, 12, 20-foot section, so we can reduce the cost of cutting to length. Roll Formed parts will have sharper corners and better control over angularity of the angles. With Roll Forming, we can add any hole combination without using a secondary punch press.