Excellence in Engineering at Roller Die + Forming

Roll Forming EngineeringThe engineering staff here at Roller Die + Forming boasts over 170 years of combined roll forming experience. We understand the art and magic that goes into making roll formed parts. Every day, we use this real-world experience to work with customers to find ways to help reduce startup costs, reduce piece pricing, and improve on part quality. Having this interaction and support available at the onset of the manufacturing process means that we use our experience and expertise in order to save our customers time and money.

When it comes to new part concepts, or perhaps when a customer’s existing design has some latitude for refinement, we can put our experience in alignment with the customer’s needs, to recommend tooling options from within our own standard tooling library. In some cases, this has cut startup costs in excess of $70,000.

When Roller Die + Forming engineers partner with our customer’s technical teams at the beginning of the project, not only do we look for cost savings opportunities, we also use our experience to make sure your product will work the way it’s intended. Roll forming is an art as much as a science and our team has the years of experience necessary to make sure things go smoothly. We are a part of the entire process, from cradle to grave, beginning by developing accurate cost estimates, working with the customer to make sure the design is optimized for the roll forming process, designing and building any necessary tooling, and supporting the production team throughout the new product launch and subsequent quality approval processes. We look forward to helping your team develop a winning solution too!