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Roller Die + Forming is Attending Solar Power International

Join the team from Roller Die + Forming this September 24-26, 2018 at the Solar Power International trade show. We’ll be manning booth #2978 and telling anyone who wants to stop by for a chat about our roll formed racking solutions for the solar industry. Using roll forming is a cost effective way to meet the need for high quality parts as your business grows and Roller Die has experience [...]

The Cost of the Steel and Aluminum Tariffs

Now almost two months into the new steel and aluminum tariffs. We’re starting to have a clear idea on how the cost of the steel and aluminum tariffs is impacting the steel industry and roll forming. Currently, the 25% tariff is in place unless President Trump specifically waives the tariff for a country. For now, the tariff excludes Canada, currently our largest steel supplier, and Mexico. The largest consumers of [...]

Roller Die + Forming is at Modex 2018

Join the team from Roller Die + Forming this April 9 - 12 at Modex in Atlanta. We’ll be manning booth #4968 and talking to anyone who wants to stop by for a chat. Using roll forming is a cost effective way to meet your need for high quality parts as your business grows. Roller Die has experience developing solutions for many different industries including material handling, trucks, infrastructure, and [...]

We Can Help You be “Made in America”

With five plants located in the US and Mexico, Roller Die + Forming products made in the Americas. We believe manufacturing close to home is cost effective and results in a high quality product. We are also a huge supporter of US Veterans, contributing regularly to USA Cares and hiring veterans at all of our facilities. For companies looking to advertise their products as “Made in the USA” in compliance [...]

Bienvenidos a Roller Die + Forming Querétaro!

Nuestra compañía ha estado trabajando en Querétaro por 17 años, apoyando a la industria manufacturera nacional, siempre apoyados fuertemente por nuestro corporativo localizado en Louisville, Kentucky. Actualmente estamos localizados en el parque industrial La Montaña, en la ciudad de Querétaro, siendo este un punto estratégico para apoyar a nuestros clientes y amigos en toda la República Mexicana; en sectores como Automotriz, Línea Blanca, Solar, Manejo de Materiales, Servicio Pesado, Etcétera. [...]

Customer Service

What sets Roller Die apart from the competition? It could be our in-house tool room, our library of standard tooling, or just-in-time delivery, or our low scrap rates. For many of our customers, however, it is our excellent customer service. We are committed to helping our customers succeed through every step of the project, from initial sales to final quality control. The Roller Die + Forming sales team takes pride [...]

Roller Die is Working Out in Sports Stadiums

Roller Die is Working Out in Sports Stadiums. Our facility in Louisville, Kentucky is currently producing bleacher seats for a football stadium. While we are always in the process of producing a wide variety of parts, it's fun occasionally to think about how a part will be used for the enjoyment of members of our team and many hundreds of thousands of other individuals. Football season may still be half [...]

Roller Die Supports USA Cares

The team at Roller Die + Forming is choosing to support USA Cares again this year as part of our holiday philanthropy efforts. Many of our employees are veterans and we want show that we appreciate their service and care about what happens to military personnel when they return from overseas. Many servicemen need on-going treatment or run into financial difficulties when transitioning from life in the military to life [...]

Roller Die Runs .250 Grade 50 Steel

Roller Die runs 0.250 grade 50 steel.  We just completed a very large order of .250 X 2.750 X 2.750 angle.  This order ran off one of the tools that we have in our standard library of tooling.  As of today, we have 3,500 unique sets of tools.  We can do most jobs with a very minimal setup charge. Let us save you money by using the toolsets in our [...]