Roller Die is Working Out in Sports Stadiums

Roller Die is Working Out in Sports Stadiums. Our facility in Louisville, Kentucky is currently producing bleacher seats for a football stadium. While we are always in the process of producing a wide variety of parts, it’s fun occasionally to think about how a part will be used for the enjoyment of members of our team and many hundreds of thousands of other individuals. Football season may still be half a year away, but we’re already looking forward to sitting on new bleachers.bleacher seats

35 different lengths of steel, ranging from 13 to 30 feet, will be roll formed at the Roller Die facility. The bleachers are fabricated from 18 gauge hot dipped galvanized steel and ultimately will be covered by a plastic cap so that you’re not sitting on bare steel. Three stiffener ribs run down the web of the profile which provide significant supplementary strength so you can jump up and down and cheer the entire game. Connecting holes are added during the cut off process.

Roller Die + Forming enjoys putting new bleachers in stadiums both large and small. Roll forming is the perfect fit for bleacher manufacturing since they need to make thousands of bleachers that have perfectly identical parts that can be taken to their new home and assembled. So whether you’re cheering for the pros or your local high school mascot, enjoy sitting on quality bleachers rolled be Roller Die + Forming.