Using Our Online Tooling Database

Using Roller Die’s Online Tooling Database

metal roll formingIf you’re considering using Roller Die + Forming to meet your needs, you’ve probably heard about our tooling library or even seen a copy of our tooling magazine. This library represents our standard tooling, a collection of roll formed shapes we can make using in-house rollers.

Starting in the 1960s, Roller Die + Forming begin making common tooling to have on hand to meet customer needs quickly. Using this tooling library is a huge advantage for our customers as it cuts up-front costs significantly. We are able to manufacture many of the parts our customers need while cutting upfront tooling cost 50-60% or even more because our in-house tooling library is extensive. No other roll forming company has an in-house tooling library as extensive as the one at Roller Die.

How Effective is our Online Tooling Database?

Online Tooling DatabaseWhether you’re working with one of our expert salesmen or exploring our website on your own, head over to our Online Tooling Database. From here, you can explore our standard tooling and flip through the options to discover the many ways we can roll your part while cutting your costs.

Once at our database, start by choosing the type of part you’re interested in among Angles, Channels, Cee sections, Hat sections, and Z sections. From there, you can input your desired dimensions and thickness to see what tooling is available. If we have the tooling you need, then you can request a quote based on the specific tooling directly from the database. Our salesmen will get back to you quickly with the information you need and help ensure that the part will work for you.

After you’ve explored our database, talk with one of our roll forming engineers. With years of experience setting up roll formed, pressed, and stamped parts, they have creative solutions to make the most of the tooling parts and forming capabilities we have. If we don’t have exactly the tooling you were looking for, they can help come up with low-cost solutions to leverage our existing tooling and include custom tooling to meet your needs. Our in-house tool room in Louisville, KY can build the extra roll forms and pre-punch dies you need and will be there to maintain the tools for the life of your project.