Roll Forming Greenhouses

If you’re in the business of designing and making greenhouses, you are probably designing parts that are sturdy, lightweight, and cheap. You also want to design structural parts that you can use across a variety of greenhouse designs. At Roller Die + Forming, we can help you with your galvanized steel frame construction by rolling and pre-punching the shapes in a variety of configurations.

Roll Forming GreenhousesWhether you need a steel angle, a galvanized channel or conduit, or a hat-shaped fastener, Roller Die + Forming can help you roll your parts with precision. Making a greenhouse frame that is sturdy is essential. Keeping your greenhouse sturdy stands through all weather, protecting the precious plants inside.

A greenhouse frameworks with a variety of materials. One popular option is roll-formed aluminum, especially for commercial greenhouses, because it is lightweight and doesn’t rust. Steel roll formed greenhouse frames will last through heavy rain and bright sun as well as heavy wind or snow.

Steel frames are stronger, but heavier than aluminum, making them a great choice for commercial greenhouses. Unlike plastic and wood frames, metal frames will keep their shape over time and in harsh weather conditions.

Contact the team at Roller Die + Forming with your greenhouse design. We will work with you to design tooling that helps you make high quality, durable parts in a cost-effective fashion.