Roller Die + Forming: The Benefits of One Piece Flow

Roller Die + Forming’s roll form technology and processes incorporates not only the forming the section but also the addition of holes, embosses while cutting parts to multiple lengths without tooling changes. This critical function of the roll form process provides many benefits to our customers. Call Roller Die + Forming and let us review your project; they may involve one or all of the following benefits to be found:

1. Higher quality – manufacturing steps = fewer defects

One piece flow can also be called batch production. In processes requiring multiple operations, the risk of defects is increased because of product handling and inventory control of multiple batches of inventory. Roller Die + Forming operators are not tied down chasing around for Work In Process (WIP) components and Quality Control (QC) are not bogged down certifying multiple stage parts. Instead, the process design efficiently produces the end part and effectively eliminates wasteful production steps.

2. WIP is waste

WIP inventory is money and resources not realized and therefore an economic burden on the manufacturer and customer. Roller Die + Forming’s roll form process is not only efficient in operations but also reduces the stress financially.

3. Footprint reduction

Overhead costs become kept at a minimum due to reduction of space needed to produce a part in a single piece flow process. Roller Die + Forming’s facilities involve primarily manufacturing facilities, therefore, the customer not burdened with the non-value added costs of storage space for WIP.

4. Flexible manufacturing

Because Roller Die + Forming need only set up one piece of equipment to produce the finished goods. Change over time from one family parts to another on the same equipment becomes significantly reduced. This not only reduces the cost to the customer but allows Roller Die + Forming to produce multiple families for the customer on the same piece of capital.

5. Fewer and easier to find production challenges

Multiple step production introduces a tremendous amount of manufacturing variability. Roller Die + Forming’s one piece flow roll forming process reduces the search for any issue to one concentrated area. The benefit to the customer is quick and efficient problem resolution. This also promotes more effective and fewer poke yoke solutions to prevent issues in the future.

6. Safety first

One piece flow is safer due to a large reduction in WIP, storage and handling. There are also fewer moving parts to produce the parts reducing potential work place accidents and stoppage.

7. The best employee’s in the world

Roller Die + Forming’s employees enjoy the value of early detection of production problems and the assurance of a safer work environment. Our customer’s benefit from a more efficient work force. Lower turnover in employment also retains experience and the result is less down time and more consistent production.

Roller Die + Forming’s ability to achieve one piece flow through the roll forming process saves our customer’s money and time and promotes an environment for production creativity for future parts.

Contact Roller Die + Forming today to discover how our one piece flow production process can be of service to your company.