Roller Die + Forming Lines Do More than Just Metal Rolling

Roll forming becomes used when you are making a large volume of metal parts that need to formation into a specific shape. More than just metal rolling (rolling steel and aluminum into shapes), our lines set up to perform a variety of different functions. These can include intricate hole patterns, hunching, embossing, secondary part ads, welding, and clinching. A great example of this type of work is a step tread made for the automotive industry.

Our engineering staff works with each customer ensuring they’re getting the maximum value and anything that rolls into the process. Our goal is to give the customer exactly the part they need. In addition to these many value-add processes, customers take advantage of our Standard Tooling Library to cut the up-front costs. Any time we can take advantage of our pre-existing tools to help our customers, we make sure they know.

With every new part, the Roller Die + Forming team works with our customers to ensure we’re creating a part that will fit right into your assembly. Our lines designed to accommodate multiple hold punch patterns, different lengths, and much more. Reach out to our sales team today to learn both about our Standard Tooling Library and the valuable additional services our lines can perform.