Steel and Aluminum Tariffs, What Do They Actually Mean?

News articles are floating around claiming everything for tariffs and trade wars spell the end of current economic prosperity to tariff’s barely impacting prices for consumers. While the price of raw materials is undoubtedly increasing, there is still variability in the market. This means that companies that purchase raw materials, like Roller Die + Forming, are watching the market closely and working to get the best possible prices for customers.

Looking at a graph of the price of steel, while it is no longer at the low cost it hit in 2015, it’s also not at the highest point it’s been in the last ten years, though it is trending upwards and expected to continue. Looking at shorter timeframes, it’s easy to see the huge variability in the market right now on the prices of raw materials as well as the upward trend.

If you’re considering roll formed products, our sales and purchasing teams will work with you to try and help you get the best prices possible on steel. This may mean that you want to look at how much product you need over a longer period of time and make a larger purchase of steel to lock in a lower price. You can then have that steel stored in a warehouse or delivered over time, just as we can take a larger order and deliver it to your facility in smaller batches, letting you leverage the benefits of just in time manufacturing.

If you’re interested in learning more about roll forming and how the Roller Die + Forming team is focused on helping you cut costs by paying attention to metal pricing and leveraging our Standard Tool Library, contact us today.