Extra Services That Add Value

Customers come to Roller Die + Forming looking for the efficiency of the roll forming process where long sections and rolls of steel can be turned into an almost unlimited variety of shapes. However, you may be surprised to learn that Roller Die also offers a variety of extra services that add value at a minimal additional cost.

  • Progressive metal stamping allows the metal, before or after it goes through the roll formers, to press and form the metal and add additional detail. Roller Die has a 300-ton stamping press and other high-quality equipment to meet various customer needs.
  • Brake presses can be used for initial or secondary processing to bend the metal in additional ways that would be impractical to do in roll forming. This allows us to make metal formed parts in a variety of additional shapes.
  • After the part is formed, powder coating is a great way to finish metal components, making them tougher and more resistant to corrosion than traditional liquid paint. Roller Die uses a high-density powder coating process that creates less waste and keeps costs low.
  • For specialized work, the Roller Die team can weld or bend parts to help take them one step further from basic fabrication. We offer both MIG and TIG welding for steel, aluminum, and other metals and bending to help parts turn corners.
  • Our team can help with additional assembly steps to get your part ready for final assembly. Our quality control team can set up the process to ensure your roll formed metal parts are assembled to your exact specifications. These services include riveting, notching, and clinching using precision machinery.

With over 60 years of experience roll forming and fabricating metal parts, the team of engineers, quality control experts, and line workers at Roller Die + Forming can help find the high quality, cost-effective solution your business needs. Contact one of our sales team today to learn more.