Can Roll Forming Replace Stamping and Extrusion?

The industrial designer has many tools available to create the technology we use every day from raw materials. Steel and aluminum can be bent and formed many ways and the challenge is to find the process that creates the most consistent parts in the most cost effective fashion.

Recently, some customers have approached Roller Die + Forming to discuss whether custom roll formed shapes could replace parts they are currently making using aluminum extrusion. By changing over to a roll formed part, they’re able to take advantage of our additional in-line services, such as pre- and post- roll punching, stamping, and even further assembly, all under one roof. By contract, aluminum extrusion requires a specialized machine, many custom dies, and a specialized workforce, all combining to make the process expensive. Changing to roll forming, where we can change out the dies in our machines to make many different parts, can potentially save money.

For the right part, and especially for parts with complex hole punch patterns, custom roll forming is a great option to explore. Rolling parts is fast, economical, and the process at Roller Die allows you to create parts of variable length and pattern. It’s worth reaching out to the experience sales team at Roller Die to learn more about metal roll forming and how we can help you make your aluminum or steel part.