Roller Die + Forming is Focused on Speed

An important aspect of lean manufacturing is focusing on making incremental improvements. These changes are designed to help our company, our employees, and our customers create better products. For the next year, throughout Roller Die, we will be focused on a theme of speed. This means many different things to different departments, but here’s just a sample of how our focus on speed might help our customers.

  • Quote Turnaround: Often, the first time you interact with Roller Die is when you submit a part and ask us to get you a quote. Our team works hard to get quotes out quickly that combine custom tooling and our Standard Tooling Library to hit the best prices. We’ll be looking at ways to improve the speed with which we’re able to produce quotes so that you can get the information you need quickly to determine if we’re the metal forming company for you.
  • Prototype: Sometimes, depending on the complexity of the part and whether you’re taking advantage of our other, value added services such as metal clinching, stamping, punching, painting, and welding, we may produce a series of prototypes to ensure that we’re making a part that will fit nicely into your system. By investing in new technology and focusing on ways to improve our prototyping system, we’re working on speeding up the time between idea and project start date.
  • Tooling: Before a metal roll forming project can start, we often have to develop new tooling. This can be rolls, cut off dies, punches, and presses. Roller Die has our own in-company tool room that creates and maintains our tooling. Boosting the speed at which our tool room can make and repair tools means investing in technology, employee training, and process improvement.
  • Moving Inventory: Just in time manufacturing is an important concept because having the parts you need exactly when they’re required for your process can save your business money and help keep things rolling along smoothly. Our facilities, located across the southeastern United States and Mexico, are conveniently placed to serve customers in a wide variety of industries. Throughout the year, our plant managers and workers will be looking at ways to help speed up our processes, improve quality control, and get the inventory to your facility.

If you’d like to learn more about how Roller Die is implementing our focus on speed, be sure to check us out on social media. Or contact a member of our sales team today to learn how this will impact your specific part.