California’s Focus on Renewable Energy Good for Solar Industry

Roller Die + Forming enjoys attending the various solar energy trade shows throughout the year. We help a number of companies create their custom racking systems used to install solar fields across the country. We’re always watching the industry and excited when new municipalities take on solar projects.

One major initiative the legislature of the state of California is focused on is moving the state’s energy sources to 100% clean energy by 2045. In 2017, it was anticipated that 20% of the state’s energy would come from renewable resources and almost 30% of their energy did. California renewable energy comes in many different forms, from large hydroelectric dams to vast wind farms taking advantage of the steady breeze. And of course, with its large deserts, this also includes huge solar farms capturing the energy from the sun and transporting it back to the cities and towns.

Clean energy is also a source of economic development for the state, creating jobs in large construction companies and for independent entrepreneurs who are trained to install solar on homes and businesses across the state. Consumers then benefit from lower utility bills and a focus on other energy-saving measures. Additionally, reducing the dependence on coal-powered energy is a tremendous help with pollution in urban areas.

If you’re interested in us making your solar racking systems and want to learn how roll forming and our one-piece flow process can streamline your rack designs, reach out to the experienced sales team at Roller Die + Forming. With significant experience in the industry, we understand the importance of precision and adaptability and how custom metal forming can help you achieve those goals.