The Advantages of Roller Die’s In-House Tool Room

In the world of just-in-time manufacturing, every day counts. A customer needs a shipment of their parts at exactly the right time, so when a machine goes down or a roller starts wearing out, time is of the essence to quickly fix the problem and keep the machine running. Where other businesses have to source their tool-room needs to outside companies or even out to China, Roller Die + Forming is set up to do it all in house.

Our Louisville, KY tool room has the technology and expertise to create and replace the rollers, cut off dies, punches, presses, stamps, and more that are used in Roller Die + Forming customer’s manufacturing process. We not only create new parts, we’re able to service and maintain our existing parts and machines, ensuring maximum up time and the ability to quickly resolve problems.

When our tool room isn’t busy making and repairing custom tooling for our customers, they’re working on updating and expanding our in-house library of tools. Whether your project calls for an angle, a channel, or a hat shape, we may already have the tooling ready to go. Our Standard Tooling Library can help our customers cut the sometimes significant upfront cost of tooling and make it easier to take a project from idea to reality.

If you’d like to learn more about Roller Die + Forming and the many different services we offer along our one-piece flow process, reach out to our experienced sales team today. Our sales staff works closely with our in-house engineers to help you determine if roll forming is right for you.