Manufacturing Trends in 2019

The economy in the U.S. is strong and, even with the uncertainty in manufacturing caused by the tariffs, roll forming is still going strong. The team at Roller Die + Forming pays attention to a broad variety of economic indicators to be able to make strategic growth and purchasing decisions. While the economy still cycles, it appears that the upward growth of the economy will continue into 2019. This is good news for all manufacturing businesses.

Specifically for the manufacturing segment, and the industries that Roller Die supplies, such as automotive, truck trailer, solar, appliance, and material handling, the overall prognosis is looking good for the next year. In particular, heavy-duty truck production will be up, though the automotive segment seems to still be concerned about the potential tariffs and the ramifications those would bring.

With all this information in mind, manufacturing businesses in many sectors are looking to improve their costs while still being prepared to meet customer demand. Roll forming is a great option for producing many different plates of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum parts. Working with Roller Die + Forming for your custom metal roll forming needs means getting to take further advantage of our Standard Tooling Library to cut your up-front costs of tooling and get your part running faster. To learn more about roll forming, reach out to one of our experienced sales team.