Moving from Extrusions to Roll Forming

Do you use fabricated aluminum extrusions? Many custom metal parts are made using extrusion that would be cheaper or easier to make using roll forming. Roller Die + Forming engineers can look at the particular part you’re making to determine whether you could save money or have a faster process using roll forming. You may also be able to run smaller batches and have them delivered just in time by using roll forming instead of extrusion.

Similarly, if you’re interested in a lower-cost method of adding fabricated holes to your part, a pre-notch roll formed solution is best for this type of work. This is especially true for high-volume parts or running a variety of punch patterns on the same shaped part. We can also cut the rolled and punched parts to different lengths without changing tooling.

If you have existing applications you would like us to benchmark against, reach out to the sales team at Roller Die + Forming. Our team can take a detailed look at your application and determine if, long-term, roll forming might be a better solution for your part and your process. Further, with three plants in the U.S. and a plant in Mexico, we can often cut freight costs and increase your savings. Give us a call today or look through our Standard Tooling Library to learn more about the shapes we can roll.