Interested in Working at Roller Die? Consider the Night Shift

If you’re looking for night shift jobs in Louisville KY, you’ve come to the right place. Roller Die + Forming’s plants are often hiring for a variety of different positions from customer service to machine operators. One option we think you should consider, though, is working the night shift. For some people who prefer to be awake at night, it’s an obvious choice, but there may be some other advantages to consider as well.

If you have children at home, working the night shift is a great way to spend more time with them. You get to be home in the afternoons when they get home from school, help with homework, and play with them while they’re still awake and active. Recently, Roller Die implemented 4-day week night shifts, which means you have even more time when you’re off for those you love.

Working during the night often comes with other unexpected advantages. There are fewer distractions around as fewer people are coming and going and moving around the plant, making it quieter and easier to get into a rhythm, moving your work along the line. Workers on the night shift are vital to Roller Die’s efforts of getting the product to our customers in a timely fashion and we’re always looking for more people willing to work later in the evenings. Overtime is available as well for all night shift positions.

If you’re interested in applying, or just want to learn more about working at Roller Die, head on over to our Careers page to see what positions are open and submit your application today.