Roller Die + Forming Supports Our Military by Supporting USA Cares

During the holidays, we turn our thoughts to family and friends and how we can help those around us. For Roller Die + Forming, who we need to support is clear, the veterans and military service members who are out there protecting us and who have come home from the line of duty. We do this by employing veterans and also by supporting one of our favorite charities, USA Cares.

USA Cares provides military members and their families financial support and advocacy when they need it Military Support Through USA Cares most. Growing out of an organization near our headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, the non-profit now is a national organization helping thousands of service members and their families through the hardships that come about due to their service.

By giving a “hand up” when it’s needed most, USA Cares strives to help servicemen and women attain financial independence or prevent financial distress. Generally, the need for aide is assessed and provided within 48 hours of application, making sure that the benefits to the military are timely. Since it is coupled with support from USA Cares advocates, efforts are made to ensure the assistance is effective.

Supporting our military through charities that aim to help them succeed long term is just one of the ways Roller Die + Forming gives back, but it’s certainly one we’re proud to sponsor. Learn more about USA Cares and its programs or meet our team at Roller Die + Forming.