Roller Die is Looking Forward to 2019

Coming into the New Year, economic indicators are promising and things are certainly busy at the four Roller Die + Forming locations. Jobs growth in the U.S. has continued and we’ve certainly seen the same here as Roller Die went into the holiday season hiring several new positions. Gross domestic product for the U.S. has grown over the last year and is expected to continue to grow at a rate of 2-3 percent while inflation remains flat.

While growth is expected to continue and unemployment to remain low, there are still rumblings that 2019 is expected to be a slower year than 2018. The growth and exuberance of the economy will hit a more sustainable pace and unemployment, though low, is still an issue as many workers are employed only part-time or in positions that pay lower rates.

In good news for Roller Die and our customers, manufacturing is set to grow at a faster pace than the rest of the economy. Our team has already been seeing the impact of this growth as new orders come in and we work with customers to help them get tooling running quickly and source the raw material they need to get the product out the door.

We are looking forward to 2019 and anticipate continued, though slower, growth in the economy and steady growth in manufacturing. If you’re interested in learning more about roll forming, contact our sales team or browse our catalog. If you’re looking for a great job, hop over to our careers page and see what’s currently open.