Roller Die + Forming Makes Solar Panel Framing

Working with a number of different solar companies, the Roller Die + Forming engineering team has developed significant experience rolling and punching parts to turn into solar panel framing. As alternative forms of energy generation become more common, and states and consumers request more use of solar power generation, the solar industry and demand for solar racking, will only grow.

When making solar panel framing, one important consideration is the tolerances our roll forming machines can achieve. While a small error may make little difference when the panels are fitted in a small back yard solar field, it can make a huge difference when added up over acres of large solar fields. Depending on the application, our engineering team can meet and even exceed industry-standard tolerances for roll forming, punching, and cutting.

Whether you want your parts made in stainless steel, aluminized steel, galvanized steel, or another type of metal, our engineers have the experience to create the tooling and the process to make your parts in a cost-efficient manner. Our Georgia, Florida, and Kentucky roll forming plants are able to handle projects from 5,000 feet to those that require regular truckloads delivered to your plant for just in time manufacturing.

If you’re interested in learning more about roll forming for the solar industry, the tolerances our machines can hold, or our Standard Tooling Library to help you cut tooling costs, reach out to our team of experienced salespeople who can quickly understand your needs. We focus on giving our customers timely pricing, consistent quality, and excellent service.