Pre-Fab Metal Buildings Take Advantage of Roller Die’s One-Piece Flow

When you’re looking at options for making shaped and custom metal parts, one great option to consider is roll forming. Roller Die + Forming works with a number of manufacturers in different industries, including pre-fabricated metal buildings, to make many of the unique parts that help bring these useful, multi-purpose buildings together.

Metal buildings come in all shapes and sizes, from huge industrial installations to small storage containers designed to load and unload on the back of a truck. If you’re looking at creating a building where the customer has some ability to customize the product, then you want to build it out of parts that have some variability to allow you to use one part to meet the needs of many customers. This is where Roller Die’s one-piece flow is an advantage.

The experienced engineering team at Roller Die can help design tooling that allows you to roll a shape that has multiple lengths, different punch patterns, and goes through different stamping processes, all on the same line. This is a huge savings in tooling costs and labor as switching from one part to another doesn’t require time lost changing out tooling or the cost involved in developing multiple sets of tools.

If you’re considering roll forming for your project, look into our Standard Tooling Library. Our library of standard shapes is another great way we help customers cut costs. Or, reach out to a member of our sales team and learn more about roll forming and what Roller Die + Forming can do to help your business grow.