How does Roll Forming Work?

Roll forming is our passion here at Roller Die + Forming. Roll formed material is often the chosen process for shaping metal because it provides a great and accurate product for a reasonable price. The roll forming process is also highly efficient and when you have a clear understanding of extent of what we can do, it opens a world of possibilities to help meet your production needs.

Before we begin manufacturing, we work with each customer to make sure the specifications are clear and the product that arrives is exactly as requested. We can roll steel into almost any shape, so we want to make sure what we’re doing is exactly right for the customer’s needs.

Roll Forming 101

The roll forming process begins by designing the setup and sequence of machines and tools to process the metal. Our stations are assembles of rollers and formers that slowly bend and shape the metal into the required shape.

As the rollers on the machine continue to run, a long piece of metal is inserted into one of the machines and the rollers push it into the necessary shape. For instance, you can start with a 20-foot length of steel coil and run it through the machines to have it bent in a variety of configurations. The rollers and toolsets can become set up numerous ways to create many different shapes in the metal.

Our engineering staff sets up our machines to make sure that each customer’s exact measurements become met. The system computer operated to ensure quality control then checks consistency and the resulting rolled product. The end result becomes the perfect shape created to your exact specifications.

Roller Die + Forming

Roller Die + Forming has been in the roll forming a business for over 85 years and we’ve built the tools and experience necessary to take on any project. Countless customers, businesses, and buildings have become formed with the help of our systems. If you would like to learn more about the process, our company, or our products, please give us a call today at 502-804-5571.