Roll Forming and the Office Furniture Market: A Perfect Match

Some manufacturing processes and end products were simply made for each other. Roll forming metals and the contract office furniture share such a natural relationship. Contract office panel manufacturers must meet a variety of customer needs when it comes to design and functionality. Roller Die + Forming recognizes these variations necessitate multiple lengths, hole patterns, and structural integrity – all of which must meet strict industry standards.

Roller Die + Forming’s roll forming processes allow for rapid change over when processing multiple lengths of the same cross-section. Simple programming adjustments to pre-notch, mid notch and/or cut off dies provide the customer a low-cost method of providing the end user the various lengths required for any project. Programming adjustments by Roller Die + Forming to in line tooling also eliminate the need for additional tooling to accommodate the variations in length. Office Furniture

Directly affected by these multiple lengths are the hole patterns most often used to provide the high tolerance assembly needed by the installers. Roll forming pre, mid and cut off inline dies can all be built to accommodate multiple hole patterns and to have the flexibility to apply these hole patterns with in-line tool programming. Roller Die + Forming’s efficient and quick changeover from one part number to the next in roll forming helps reduce the need for maintaining a large inventory safety stock.

This rapid change over from length to length while accommodating various hole patterns without removing/changing over the tooling contributes to lower waste/scrap (time and material) and fosters a production process that is highly repeatable. Eliminating variations in the process provides the peace of mind that the components will continually meet the highest standards. Please contact Roller Die + Forming today for a review of your needs and find the value the roll form process can provide in support of your design and production requirements.