Do you need manufactured parts?

There is a bigger than ever push encouraging people to buy American-made products. If you are an automotive manufacturer, or if you have a manufacturing plant in America looking to supply parts to an American auto manufacturer, then consider Roller Die + Forming to supply your roll formed parts.

roll formed auto parts At Roller Die, we can produce high-quality materials for your automotive project and ship them to you just in time to meet your needs. Our process has been tested with countless satisfied customers, and we understand how to meet and exceed automotive quality standards.

Our Auto Parts Manufacturing Process

Roll forming requires a complex array of rollers lined up in sequence to go from flat metal to shaped part. Once we receive the precise specifications that you require, our team of expert engineers combines our standard tooling library with custom punches, and cut-off dies or creates custom tooling that allows us to deliver on the measurements you need every single time.

Precise Forming – Roll forming produces a more consistent part than other production methods. Our standard tolerance guide shows you how close we can get each part and, by adding more rollers were required, we can get even more precision. Parts that are difficult to produce by other methods can be produced by roll forming.

Expert Insight – With over 200 years of combined experience, our engineers have expertise in the field. Several engineers helped us evolve and adapt to our high rate of production and consistent quality and are ready to put their expertise to work helping create your part.

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Production Increase – The roll forming process is rapid and takes less energy than many other production methods. That means you can get more parts out faster than before. It’s also a process that generates a lower amount of waste, meaning more of the raw material you buy becomes part of the final product.

Lower Overhead Costs – Because our tool room is in-house, we can keep the cost of creating and maintaining tooling low. This translates to cost savings for our customers.

Roller Die – Automotive Parts Manufacturer

We have been in business for over 85 years and have hundreds of clients that still use us to this day. We pride ourselves on being accessible, friendly, and good people. When you’re dealing with us, you’re dealing with people who care. If you would like to know more about our great services, our company, or would like to receive an over the phone consultation, give us a call at 502-804-5571.