Roll Forming FAQ

A. Roll forming is a continuous shaping operation in which sheet or coiled metal is plastically deformed along the linear axis. Rolls set in pairs (top and bottom) form the metal in a series of progressions until the desired cross-section is reached.

What Makes Our Roll Formed Products and Services Stand Out

At Roller Die + Forming, our roll formed products improve efficiency and productivity by reducing human labor and minimizing the waste and errors in the manufacturing process caused by human work and fatigue. Below are the reasons our services are exceptional.

Highly Durable

Roller Die + Forming understands how important it is to give our customers stable and long-lasting products.


Our products’ unique features help our customers efficiently maximize profits in their various agricultural sectors.


When manufacturing, our team of experts also ensures that they utilize the most cost-effective procedure and materials to give you prices that you can trust.


When it comes to accuracy, no other competitor in the market stands a chance; not only do our roll formed products have high precision, but they also make our customers have confidence in their work.

Advantages of Roller Die + Forming

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