Roll Forming Shapes vs. Press Brakes


A mid-sized company was having channels produced at a local brake former. The client's part was 23' 7/8" long with holes located throughout the part. The length was a critical dimension on the part. The client had long lead times for the part and they were having issues exacting the length.

The client was not familiar with the roll forming process, so we scheduled a visit and several follow-up conference calls with our Sales, Engineering, and Quality teams so that the client would get a better idea of the roll forming process and our ability to hold both the length and hole tolerances on his part.


Roller Die worked with the client to develop tooling and a pre-punch, and a cut-off die to make the part exactly to client specification. Note that the roll forming process allows for longer lengths. The parts looked great, and we had removed the ugly weld seam in addition.


The client is very happy with the roll forming process and has noticed unexpected side benefits. We have shortened the client's lead times to his customers by 50 percent. We have also reduced the client's inventory and reject rates, both internally and externally. Finally, the client has said that they can pinpoint the increases in cash flow for this project.

Our Roll Forming Capabilities

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