Roll Forming Metals & Materials

Roll Forming Materials

Roller Die manufactures custom metal parts for a wide variety of industries using sheet metal roll forming. In this process, the steel, aluminum, or other metal, comes to us in a roll. These rolls can range in width from just an inch or less to several inches wide. Rolls of sheet metal are shipped to Roller Die and stored on site as we prepare them for use in our roll forming process.

The roll of flat sheet metal is hung on a spindle and then fed through the roll line. Roll forming works when the flat metal goes through a series of rollers that slowly bend the flat metal into the finished cross section. The process ensures that there is consistency across each part. Roller Die + Forming can hold industry standard tolerances on each bend and, in some cases, even tighter tolerances.

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Sheet Metal Roll Forming at Roller Die

In addition to forming metal into the desired cross section, sheet metal roll forming at Roller Die can also incorporate additional in-line processes designed to further develop the part. Before the sheet metal goes through the roll forming process, we can develop a punch, or a series of punches, that create holes and notches in the metal. A series of punches allow the same rollers to create multiple parts without changing out the equipment, lowering downtime while changing parts.

Once the part is rolled, it goes through a cut off die that ensures the final cross-section is cut and still maintains its shape. One cut off die can be used with several different lengths of part. Roller Die also offers further metal part fabrication such as bending, welding, and powder coating.

Sheet metal roll formed parts are used in a wide variety of industries from appliances to automotive. Rolled parts support structures in material handling, allow you to step on and off of trucks, help you cheer for your favorite team from the bleachers, and so much more. While it’s easy to visualize roll forming when looking at highway guardrails, the applications are much more diverse. Roller Die has created parts from stainless steel that decorate the sides of yachts, important parts in hospital beds that support patient care, and hundreds of miles of racking for solar fields.

Further, you might be able to leverage our standard tooling library to keep the cost of tooling low. The in-house engineering team and in-house tool room has built a library of standard tooling over the last 60+ years of rollers used for sheet metal roll forming that we can use to create standard shapes or incorporate into custom shapes. We can also create custom tooling and maintain tooling on site.

If you’re interested in sheet metal roll forming, reach out to a member of our experienced sales team. They can explain how our process can help you create the custom metal part you need in a cost-effective manner. We also offer the ability to apply creative manufacturing solutions from kitting to just-in-time delivery to help you meet you needs.