We can manufacture every part of a truck trailer on the market. With our custom automation machine, we can create perfectly formed pieces at an unbelievable rate and a competitive price. No matter what specifications you request, we will be able to fill them and surpass your expectations. Our experience is unrivaled, and our process is unmatched. It is due to these traits that we are the best truck trailer manufacturers on the market.

Our Manufacturing Process

Precise Forming – Whether it’s the frame of the truck trailer or the grooves of the trailer bed, we can form to every specification needed. You choose the materials and the specifications, and we will make it to the grade.Truck-Trailer

Expert Insight – Our team of engineers has helped us in our journey of being in business for over 85 years. You will receive as much expert insight and experience as possible, and your project will flourish for it.

Production Increase – Due to our streamlined automation line we can remove human error and create the materials as fast as you require. The only limitations to our production line are those of your requests.

Lower Overhead Costs – By having an optimized labor force, an extensive catalog of free tooling designs, and a virtually absent margin of error, we can guarantee that your costs will be as low as possible. We pride ourselves on our integrity and customer satisfaction.

Roller Die

We have been in business for over 85 years and have thousands of clients that still use us to this day. We pride ourselves on being accessible, friendly, and good people. When you’re dealing with us, you’re dealing with people who care. If you would like to know more about our great services, our company, or would like to receive an over the phone consultation, give us a call at 502-804-5571.