Roller Die Works to Expand Capabilities

The management team at Roller Die + Forming is always willing to invest in equipment to help meet customer demand. This means upgrading machinery to run faster, maintain our in-house tooling so that it holds tight tolerances, and occasionally purchasing new roll lines to run new thicknesses and calibers of material. From solar racking to rail projects, our customers needs are changing and we want to make sure we can [...]

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Consider the Financial Strength of Your Suppliers

When choosing a business to supply parts, there are a number of important factors to review, especially if the suppler-vendor relationship will be ongoing. The first consideration is always whether the supplier can meet the needed specifications. When you work with Roller Die + Forming, our sales team will help you interface directly with our engineering staff to ensure that you have a clear and accurate quote on material costs, [...]

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Large Volume Custom Roll Forming: DIY or Outsource?

When it comes to customers who need a large volume of roll forming services, we often find that they try to do it in house first. They buy the roll forming machines, source the raw materials, and train staff on how to run the machines. Over time, they often end up at our door because, while they can do it themselves, Roller Die offers some major advantages. Higher Volume Material [...]

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Roller Die’s Standard Tooling Library

Our sales team likes to talk about the Roller Die Standard Tooling Library because it provides a huge value to our customers. Over the last 60 years, our in house tool room has created a large collection of standard size and shape tooling. We can use this tooling to run jobs that fit these sizes and shapes. For custom shapes, our standard tooling can often be used to run part [...]

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Roller Die Helps Mobile Home Industry

Roll forming can be used in a wide variety of industries and is often a much better option than using standard steel shapes and parts. We recently worked with a client in the mobile home industry to help them cut costs, cut waste, and produce a better part for their process. Similarly, we’ve worked with clients with other types of pre-fab buildings to help them achieve efficiencies. Previously, the mobile [...]

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Roll Forming is All About Speed

Speed is the theme of the year for 2020, but what does that mean for roll forming and what can the Roller Die + Forming customers expect? Like most manufacturing operations, it means we will be taking steps throughout the year in each department to increase our speed and performance while not sacrificing quality. For our sales team, speed means being able to respond to customer requests quickly with accurate [...]

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Roller Die + Forming rolls custom parts for Santa’s Workshop

Rapidly growing custom metal forming company Roller Die works with the elves at Santa's Workshop to make custom racking and automated storage and retrieval systems. NORTH POLE, December 25, 2019 -- Santa's Workshop awards Roller Die + Forming with award for being a top supplier and working on their warehouse upgrade project. Roller Die supplied a number of different profiles that facilitated upgrading the toy warehouse to an automatic retrieval [...]

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Growth in Custom Metals Leads Roller Die + Forming to Appoint New COO

Rapidly growing custom metal forming company Roller Die promotes industry and company veteran Chris Kovacs to newly created COO position. LOUISVILLE, KY, December 9, 2019 -- Over the past ten years, custom metal former Roller Die has grown over 100% and aims to continue that growth. As part of running a growing company, management created the new COO position and promoted the VP of Corporate Engineering & Technology, Chris Kovacs, [...]

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Rapidly Growing Custom Metals Manufacturer Roller Die + Forming adds talent to their existing team with a new CFO, Kent Houserman, CPA.

Rapidly growing custom metal forming company Roller Die hires new CFO Kent Houserman, CPA. LOUISVILLE, KY, December 9, 2019 – Louisville-based custom metals manufacturer Roller Die + Forming recently added to their talent pool of executives, hiring Kent Houserman, CPA to fill the CFO position. With over 100% growth over the last ten years and further growth projected, Roller Die management knows that bringing in talent that can help guide [...]

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Roller Die Plant in Florida Poised to Help with Solar Boom

With deep experience assisting the solar industry in racking and other custom metal parts, Roller Die + Forming is uniquely positioned to help Florida join the solar energy boom. Our plant in Green Cove Springs, right outside of Jacksonville, has experience adapting solar racking designs to take advantage of roll forming and rolling parts with industry standard or better tolerance. With changes in the incentives utility companies have to increase [...]

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