The Benefits of Cold Roll Forming vs Hot Roll Forming

While different projects call for different materials, it’s always a good idea to look into the options and choose the type of custom metal forming that gives you the highest quality result for the best price.
Different processes produce steel that is best suited for different applications and choosing the right
option can make a difference with performance. Roller Die + Forming handles cold roll forming of steel,
including many different grades and […]

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Understanding Cold Roll Forming

The biggest service offered by Roller Die + Forming is cold roll forming of custom metal parts. The steel rolling machines take the metal and put it through roll forming machines at or slightly above room temperature. In addition to steel, we also cold roll form other types of metal including aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel, and much more.

When steel is cold roll formed, it possesses several very desirable characteristics […]

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Pre-Fab Metal Buildings Take Advantage of Roller Die’s One-Piece Flow

When you’re looking at options for making shaped and custom metal parts, one great option to consider
is roll forming. Roller Die + Forming works with a number of manufacturers in different industries,
including pre-fabricated metal buildings, to make many of the unique parts that help bring these useful,
multi-purpose buildings together.

Metal buildings come in all shapes and sizes, from huge industrial installations to small storage
containers designed to load and unload on the […]

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Roller Die + Forming Makes Solar Panel Framing

Working with a number of different solar companies, the Roller Die + Forming engineering team has
developed significant experience rolling and punching parts to turn into solar panel framing. As
alternative forms of energy generation become more common, and states and consumers request more
use of solar power generation, the solar industry and demand for solar racking, will only grow.

When making solar panel framing, one important consideration is the tolerances our roll forming
machines […]

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La empresa “Roller Die + Forming “ se enfoca en velocidad

Aspecto importante de la manufactura eficiente es el enfoque en incrementar el mejoramiento a nuestras piezas. Estos cambios están diseñados para ayudar a nuestra compañía, nuestros empleados y a nuestros clientes creando mejores productos. Para este siguiente año a través de Roller Die, estaremos enfocándonos en el tema de la velocidad del proceso. Esto significa cosas diferentes para diferentes departamentos, sin embargo, aquí presentamos un ejemplo de cómo es que […]

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Three of Our Value Added Services

If you’re considering roll forming apart, you’ve probably explored your options. At Roller Die + Forming,
we have a number of value-added services we offer our customers that set up apart from the
competition. Here are just three of the things that really set us apart.

In-House Engineering: Before we even provide a quote for your part, our engineering team has
reviewed the available schematics and has an idea of how we would […]

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Why Choose Roller Die + Forming?

Roller Die + Forming has significant experience focusing on our core competency of custom metal roll forming, something we have been doing since 1927. This means we have more than 90 years of experience working with customers, building roll forming tooling, and perfecting a lean, effective process. We’ve also been building up our Standard Tooling Library with hundreds of basic shapes to help our customers cut down on the cost […]

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One Part with Multiple Lengths? Roll Forming Can Handle That

Often, companies have a single shape they’ve chosen that needs to be produced in multiple
lengths, from long runs to short sections designed to fill gaps. The roll forming process at Roller
Die + Forming can not only handle multiple lengths, but we can also implement a different punch
a pattern for each length we run as part of the same process, allowing you to create multiple parts
as part of the same line.

One […]

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Factors to Consider When Making the Decision to Roll Form Parts

At Roller Die + Forming, we often see the situation where customers make the decision to press brake parts which would otherwise be ideal shapes for roll forming. Before making the decision whether to press brake or roll form a part, it is important to consider a variety of factors to make sure you’ve made the best choice for the lifetime of your product.

One of the common misconceptions is that […]

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Roller Die + Forming Purchases New Equipment

As part of our continuing efforts to expand our capabilities and serve our customers in new and exciting ways, Roller Die + Forming has purchased a new 3” mill, allowing us to run more heavy gauge materials through the roll forming process. We are excited to offer this increased ability to our customers, many of whom have parts for both lighter and heavier processes.

Our engineering team is excited to work […]

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