Growth in Custom Metals Leads Roller Die + Forming to Appoint New COO

Rapidly growing custom metal forming company Roller Die promotes industry and company veteran Chris Kovacs to newly created COO position. LOUISVILLE, KY, December 9, 2019 -- Over the past ten years, custom metal former Roller Die has grown over 100% and aims to continue that growth. As part of running a growing company, management created the new COO position and promoted the VP of Corporate Engineering & Technology, Chris Kovacs, [...]

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Rapidly Growing Custom Metals Manufacturer Roller Die + Forming adds talent to their existing team with a new CFO, Kent Houserman, CPA.

Rapidly growing custom metal forming company Roller Die hires new CFO Kent Houserman, CPA. LOUISVILLE, KY, December 9, 2019 – Louisville-based custom metals manufacturer Roller Die + Forming recently added to their talent pool of executives, hiring Kent Houserman, CPA to fill the CFO position. With over 100% growth over the last ten years and further growth projected, Roller Die management knows that bringing in talent that can help guide [...]

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Roller Die Plant in Florida Poised to Help with Solar Boom

With deep experience assisting the solar industry in racking and other custom metal parts, Roller Die + Forming is uniquely positioned to help Florida join the solar energy boom. Our plant in Green Cove Springs, right outside of Jacksonville, has experience adapting solar racking designs to take advantage of roll forming and rolling parts with industry standard or better tolerance. With changes in the incentives utility companies have to increase [...]

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Roller Die Facility in Rossville Handles Powder Coating and Aesthetically Challenging Parts

The Roller Die + Forming plant located in Rossville, GA has a variety of areas in which the team and equipment particularly excel. While they run a number of simple roll formed parts, they also get to handle parts that are particularly demanding, giving customers with complicated requirements the same roll forming advantages. Rossville has one of the largest powder coat systems in the Southeast and so many parts that [...]

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On-Time and Just in Time Delivery

Many manufacturing operations follow lean methodology and have the parts they need for their assemblies delivered just in time, avoiding the costs of having to keep stock on hand. The engineers and plant managers at Roller Die + Forming work closely with customers wanting just in time delivery to ensure their needs are met. After designing a communication system where the customer can easily share with the plant manager their [...]

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Roller Die Sponsors First Annual USA Cares Charity Golf Open

Roller Die + Forming was a title sponsor for the first annual USA Cares Charity Golf Open at Valhalla Golf Club. USA Cares is a national organization supporting military families in need through financial and advocacy assistance. Roller Die has supported USA Cares from its days as a grassroots organization growing out of Louisville and continues to be a major supporter as the organization grows. Many members of the Roller [...]

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Explore the Roller Die + Forming Plant in Green Cove Springs, FL

In order to meet customer needs, Roller Die has operations across the US and Mexico, including a facility in Green Cove Springs, Florida. Located right outside of Jacksonville, this plant is in close proximity to the Jacksonville Port of Entry. Customers with international shipping needs can take advantage of the logistical advantage of the port.  Large volume projects throughout the southeast, from solar to construction, find Jacksonville to be a [...]

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Roller Die’s In-House Tool Room Manages Tooling Maintenance

One big advantage of working with Roller Die + Forming is access to our in-house tool room. In addition to creating customer tooling locally, we also perform all our tooling maintenance. This means that both scheduled maintenance and unexpected problems are handled quickly by a team already familiar with the tools. Scheduled maintenance is important to make sure roll forming tools are punching precise holes, shaping the metal to the [...]

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Roller Die + Forming and ISO Compliance   Roller Die maintains ISO 9001 compliance, which is an international standard with requirements for quality management systems. Our quality control team takes pride in their work and the sales team regularly has clients visit our different facilities to view their parts and our roll forming lines in operation. As part of our ISO compliance, we periodically survey customers to see whether we are meeting their needs and expectations [...]

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The Benefits of Solid Roll Form Tooling

When customers visit Roller Die to watch first production runs for part approval, there has been a common denominator over the years. They are truly amazed how robust and stout Roller Die designs and builds “in-house” our pre-punch dies. As demonstrated evidence, you can see in the pictures, the die pins, guide bushings, shoulder bolts, springs, and die shoe plates are sturdy and heavy duty.         With [...]

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