Rapidly growing custom metal forming company Roller Die expands Louisville, KY staff, adding and expanding in several key roles.

LOUISVILLE, KY, April 26, 2022 – Louisville-based custom metal part manufacturer Roller Die + Forming recently added to their talent pool in the corporate headquarters with several new business development and support roles. With over 100% growth over the last ten years and the increasing demand for American suppliers, Roller Die management knows that bringing in the right talent is important to continued success. Austin Horvat, one of three new [...]

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New 2.5″ Roll Form Line Installed in Queretaro, Mexico

Recently, the Roller Die + Forming plant in Queretaro, Mexico, acquired a 2 1/2" (2.5") line to add additional capabilities to the location. This line gives the Mexico location greater capacity and gives our customers more options. Specifically, the new line can handle parts that are 0.079" to 0.140" thick, which is thicker than many of our other roll lines. While this line could produce parts for a wide variety [...]

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When You Might Need Custom Tooling

At Roller Die + Forming, we're justifiably proud of our huge inventory of standard tooling. We're able to make a lot of complex shapes and help our customers keep costs low with this excellent variety. However, there are many times customers still want us to create custom tooling and several advantages in doing so. Truly Unique Parts. When you have custom tooling made for your cross section, it will truly [...]

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The $1 trillion federal infrastructure bill passed at the end of 2021 includes $65 billion in funds targeted at improving the power grid and integrating renewable energy projects such as solar roofs, solar carports, and larger solar installations. This funding is designed to cover transmission lines, advanced transmission, and smart grids. All of these steps are in line with the President's goal to clean up the power generation sector by [...]

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Roller Die Gives Employees Gas Bonus

View Open Positions and Apply Now With gas prices going up, Roller Die + Forming CEO Ray Hammons decided to step in and help employees cover their costs. All full time hourly employees begin receiving their "Gas Bonus" in mid-March, an extra $50 per week for every week an employee worked their full schedule, to help offset the costs of driving to and from work. For now, the bonus [...]

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Roller Die + Forming is at Modex 2022

Join the team from Roller Die + Forming for our first trade show attendance since the start of the pandemic. This March 28 – 31 at Modex in Atlanta, our team will be manning booth #C4881 and talking to anyone who wants to stop by for a chat. We want to show you that using roll forming is a cost effective way to meet your need for high quality parts [...]

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Supporting the Roller Die Family

What do you do when you find out your sister is fighting cancer? Well, there are lots of things, but for Keith Zimmerman, at Roller Die + Forming in Louisville, it included getting his coworkers to shave their heads in support and take a picture to lift her spirits. "Tracy's really been a champ about this," Keith reported. As our Facilities Manager, Keith and I have worked on several projects [...]

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Roll Forming Supports Green Jobs

We often talk about how roll forming is a lean, green, low waste, and sustainable process for creating custom metal parts. At Roller Die + Forming, many of the parts we make go on to support the infrastructure and projects that are at the heart of green jobs. Green jobs is a movement focusing on jobs in areas that are environmentally sustainable and/or have a positive social impact. While an [...]

Amortizing Roll Form Tooling

Custom roll form tooling is often necessary to create the exact cross section or hole punch pattern clients desire. A well-designed custom cross section or multi-pattern hole punch can create many different parts, so is often worth the up-front investment in the cost of tooling. The Roller Die + Forming engineering team is experienced in the science, and art, of designing tooling to create a cross section with a tight [...]

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Roller Die Works with Just-in-Time Manufacturing

Just-in-time production of parts is a careful dance between suppliers and manufacturers, working to ensure the plant has the parts needed for assembly without having to warehouse the spares and suppliers are shipping exactly what's scheduled. In a world of varying demand, however, the reality of just-in-time delivery means good communications on what's scheduled for upcoming weeks and projected for upcoming months so suppliers, such as Roller Die + Forming, [...]