Roller Die’s Take on the New Steel Tariff

On March 8, the Trump administration confirmed that steel and aluminum tariffs of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminum are coming soon. These tariffs are ostensibly designed to help U.S. steel suppliers compete against low-cost imported steel from China and South-East Asia. While these tariffs may make the price of steel rise, there is the possibility that steel coming from Mexico and Canada, the largest importer of steel, may […]

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What to Expect with the New Solar Tariff

Recently, the Trump administration announced that it would impose steep tariffs on imported solar products and washing machines. The White House says this is the first step in providing support and protection for U.S. manufacturers. Future trade tariffs related to steel, aluminum, and other products from China could follow. The concern is that cheap solar modules manufactured overseas are putting American ventures at risk.

The solar industry appears split over the […]

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Roller Die’s Standard Tooling Library

Roller Die + Forming has over 65 years of experience. Over that time, we’ve developed an extensive library of in-house tooling for common shapes. We can use those for our customers to help drastically reduce the startup costs of a project associated with creating new tooling. Migrating towards a standard profile can save as much as 70% of the initial startup cost.

Using the roll form parts from the standard tooling library […]

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Roller Die + Forming Supplies Z Sections for Solar

The solar industry uses Roller Die + Forming because when it comes to creating racking for solar panels, roll formed steel is a cost effective option. We offer the option to create custom shapes with our engineering team or take advantage of our Standard Tooling Library and make solar racks using our standard shapes. The video above features our VP of Engineering, Chris Kovacs, showing one of our standard Z-sections […]

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Roller Die + Forming Works With Customers to Understand Demand

Roller Die + Forming works with customers on pricing when they have a clear picture of their demand. We can also do this when they’re working on a project basis. The first type is those with a fixed understanding of what their demand is going to be. Knowing this allows us to go negotiate with our suppliers to get them the best price.

When we start with known pricing and then […]

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Roll Formed Steel for the Construction Industry

Why Roll Formed Steel for the construction industry?
When you are running a construction company, setbacks and material prices are two of the biggest factors you have to consider when planning and budgeting for a project. When it comes to finding the right Steel for the Construction Industry, you want to find a provider for your parts that will be both cost effective, provide good service, and will deliver the parts […]

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Roller Die + Forming is on YouTube

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is even better! Recently, Roller Die + Forming executives, engineers, and workers put together a series of short videos talking about our company and, more importantly, showing what we do. From getting a general overview about us to learning about the different types of customers we work with, this videos give you a chance to get to know our […]

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Roll Forming your Solar Racking

What is Roll Forming and why is it cost effective for the Solar Industry?
Roll Forming is a process of taking coiled steel, running metal through rollers, producing the exact shape that is required. This is a continuous process, which in turn makes Roll Forming optimal when running larger amounts of steel.

The reason that Roll Forming is more cost effective than other alternatives, is due to the fact that the parts […]

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Roller Die + Forming is Attending Solar Power International

Join the team from Roller Die + Forming this September 10-13, 2017 at the Solar Power International trade show. We’ll be manning booth #5029 and telling anyone who wants to stop by for a chat about our roll formed racking solutions for the solar industry. Using roll forming is a cost effective way to meet the need for high quality parts as your business grows and Roller Die has experience […]

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We Can Help You be “Made in America”

With five plants located in the US and Mexico, Roller Die + Forming products are made in the Americas. We believe manufacturing close to home is both cost effective and results in a high quality product. We are also a huge supporter of US Veterans, contributing regularly to USA Cares and hiring veterans at all of our facilities.

For companies looking to advertise their products as “Made in the USA” in […]

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