Roll Formed Shapes vs. Angle Iron


A large fortune 1000 industrial conglomerate started to have problems in the field with a part that was produced out of Angle Iron. The client did an exhaustive review of the parts. During the review they found out the Angle Iron that was ordered had inconsistency with the radius of the angle. The angles were just not sharp enough; this is pretty typical issue with Angle Iron products.

Also, when the client ordered Angle Iron, they had to take a truckload at a time. Once received, the client had to punch holes, and cut the part. This produced a lot of excess scrap and increase in processing and handling of this part. In the end this part was expensive on a per piece price.

This client was not familiar with the roll forming process and the benefits of having their part rolled formed compare to their current method. After several meetings and conference calls between our engineering teams, we were able to demonstrate the advantages of the roll forming process.


Our solution was to produce a set or rolls, a cut off and pre-punch die for this client. The client was willing to sign a multi-year contract that enables them to split the cost of the tooling with us. This was a signal that we were truly business partners with them.


We were able to produce the parts with the holes and in the lengths that were required by the client thus reducing scrap cost, and their handling and processing time. We also did not require the client to take a full truckload at a time which also reduced their inventory costs.

Our Roll Forming Capabilities

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