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Top 5 Advantages of Roll Forming

Roll forming is a metal manufacturing process that takes cold metal sheets or rolls and passes them through a series of rollers to bend and shape the metal into the desired cross section. Roll forming is used in a wide variety of industries, from automobiles to material handling – anywhere shaped metal parts are found – and there are many advantages to using roll forming over pressing or welding. Cold [...]

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Roller Die is Open and Taking Orders for Just in Time Delivery

Many of our customers are interested in having their parts supplied on a just-in-time basis, allowing them to keep inventory low and flex to respond to market demand. Serving OEM and tier one automotive companies, as well as appliance manufacturers, and many others, our team works with a customer’s purchasing and production departments to lock in projected demand, purchase material, and ensure a steady stream of parts to the customer’s [...]

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Data-Driven Decisions Help Roller Die Improve

Roller Die + Forming facilities always work to improve their facility, quality, and production times, ensuring that we meet customer needs, our team has a safe, clean space, and we keep our machines running smoothly. Data driven problem solving is especially important to our team as it helps them identify areas where changes will make an impact and measure the resulting efforts. Our teams are focused on eliminating the biggest [...]

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Focusing On Improving in Ways that Matter

A central tenant of lean manufacturing is identifying what factors of our output are critical to quality (CTQ) for our customers. Many of these are similar from customer to customer. Some of our larger clients have scorecards that, in theory, outline their different CTQs and rank all suppliers on these metrics. Our industry has certain standards that all roll formers generally meet. Roller Die also works to meet and exceed [...]

Roller Die Helps the Logistics Industry Grow

The logistics industry is seeing unprecedented growth as people chose to order from their homes items they previously sourced from stores. From delivery trucks to increased distribution facilities, people staying and working from home are taking advantage of services that allow them to stay safe and socially distance while still enjoying the meals, goods, and lifestyle they were accustomed to pre-virus. In many ways, this boom in the logistics industry [...]

Investing in the Future

The last several months have been a roller coaster for everyone and Roller Die is thankful that our customers have remained strong and continued to grow. We’ve taken steps to ensure the health and safety of our team and ordered material in advance to ensure the supply for our customers. We’ve also taken other steps to invest in the future. As the demand from our clients fluctuated, we took the [...]

Interested in Re-Shoring Your Suppliers

Many manufacturers are now looking at moving their business from China and other Asian countries back to North America. This trend has been heightened as the global pandemic shut down borders, making it harder for manufacturing representatives to perform plant tours and quality checks and slowing of logistics impacted transportation times. Bringing production back to North America has numerous advantages including greater control over quality and final product, ease of [...]

Roller Die Can Paint Large Parts

One excellent way to finish parts is powder coating. This provides a protective coat over your metal part and can be an attractive finish. Allowing us to handle powder coating before assembly removes the step from your team and ensures the full part is coated. Roller Die offers powder coating in a variety of colors and recently completed coating a large batch, confirming an ability to successfully coat parts up [...]

Long Term Planning in Times of Uncertainty

If there is anything we know about the rest of 2020, we know it’s likely to continue to be a roller coaster ride. Economic predictions assume a rational, operating market and are having to adjust to the new status quo. At Roller Die + Forming, we have taken steps to ensure we’re positioned to meet the future. We’ve worked to increase the safety of our team, ensuring that they have [...]

Roll Forming Decorative Parts

Stainless steel and aluminum parts are often used on the outside of boats, cars, appliances, trucks, and other final products to make the item look secure and attractive. At Roller Die + Forming, we roll form many decorative, and decorative but useful stainless steel and aluminum parts. From the steps of a truck to the trim around a pool, roll formed metal can be both functional and attractive. Delicate stainless-steel [...]