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Interested in Re-Shoring Your Suppliers

Many manufacturers are now looking at moving their business from China and other Asian countries back to North America. This trend has been heightened as the global pandemic shut down borders, making it harder for manufacturing representatives to perform plant tours and quality checks and slowing of logistics impacted transportation times. Bringing production back to North America has numerous advantages including greater control over quality and final product, ease of [...]

Roller Die Can Paint Large Parts

One excellent way to finish parts is powder coating. This provides a protective coat over your metal part and can be an attractive finish. Allowing us to handle powder coating before assembly removes the step from your team and ensures the full part is coated. Roller Die offers powder coating in a variety of colors and recently completed coating a large batch, confirming an ability to successfully coat parts up [...]

Long Term Planning in Times of Uncertainty

If there is anything we know about the rest of 2020, we know it’s likely to continue to be a roller coaster ride. Economic predictions assume a rational, operating market and are having to adjust to the new status quo. At Roller Die + Forming, we have taken steps to ensure we’re positioned to meet the future. We’ve worked to increase the safety of our team, ensuring that they have [...]

Roll Forming Decorative Parts

Stainless steel and aluminum parts are often used on the outside of boats, cars, appliances, trucks, and other final products to make the item look secure and attractive. At Roller Die + Forming, we roll form many decorative, and decorative but useful stainless steel and aluminum parts. From the steps of a truck to the trim around a pool, roll formed metal can be both functional and attractive. Delicate stainless-steel [...]

Roller Die Has Stamping Capabilities to Make Ventilators

In addition to making parts for hospital beds, solar panels, trucks, racks, and other key items to help our healthcare workers and keep our economy rolling, Roller Die is interested in making Medtronic Ventilators and partnering with other companies to combine their capabilities and expertise to increase the national availability of this lifesaving device. In addition to roll forming, we also offer stamping services and believe that would be the [...]

Roller Die is Ready to Work

With many businesses locked down in quarantine and the economic outlook uncertain, businesses in manufacturing and supply are checking in with their supply chains, vendors, and customers to see where problems are likely to arise. Roller Die made several changes as we saw Covid-19 coming to ensure that we are in a strong position for the months ahead. From protecting our team to ensuring that we have the materials and [...]

Roller Die Supplies Critical Parts to Help our Hospitals and Keep our Infrastructure Strong

Every week, representatives from different departments within Roller Die, from sales and customer service to operations and finance, gather to discuss current projects and what is in our pipeline. Over the last month, the increasing impacts of Covid-19 is a topic that has been front and center on everyone's mind . What will the impacts be for us and for the larger economy? For our suppliers and customers? How long [...]

Roller Die Keeps Parts Running

In these uncertain times, everyone is cleaning everything they touch and trying to think through business contingency plans to ensure the economy keeps going and supplies continue to get where they’re most needed. After all, appliances will still break, cars and trucks still need repair, and boxes still need handling. Roller Die Keeps Parts Running For Our Clients Roller Die + Forming has the capacity to help you meet your [...]

Roller Die Can Help Overcome Supply Chain Problems

The team at Roller Die + Forming has been closely watching the development of the coronavirus. Our hearts go out to the people in China and other countries already struggling with this outbreak. In a global world, events on the other side of the globe can have effects all the way around. While we wait to see how the repercussions of the coronavirus play out, the team at Roller Die [...]

Roller Die and Forming Welcomes Justin Thompson

Justin Thompson is the Plant Manager at Roller Die + Forming, where he will be managing daily operations of the Rossville, Georgia facility and ensuring its ongoing success.   Justin brings thirteen years of manufacturing experience and a dedication to continuous improvement to the team. Prior to joining Roller Die, Justin was a Senior Operational Excellence Change Agent for Trane in Columbia, South Carolina, where he improved operational processes for multiple [...]

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