Going Green

It is funny to me that everyone is just starting to do this. At RDF, we have been working on going green for the last five years. We have reduced the number of wood skids that we receive our material on. We have also been willing to work with our customers on using returnables. Last […]

Why Roll Forming vs Angle Iron or Channels produce at a Mill

There are several reasons why to use Roll Forming Vs Mill Iron, or Angle Iron. Roll Forming offers a lot of different lengths Vs standard 8, 10, 12, 20-foot section, so we can reduce the cost of cutting to length. Roll Formed parts will have sharper corners and better control over angularity of the angles. […]

New Projects at Roller Die

Roller Die is acquiring some new equipment this year. We are in the process of purchasing a new 3 1/2 inch line. This will give us a lot more capabilities in the heavy gauge area. Please give us a call regarding any projects or questions about this machine.