Have a high-volume project? Consider steel and stainless steel roll forming, used in many of our larger projects. These materials have many benefits to our customers. For one, the carbon content of steel (comprising up to 2.1% by weight) provides excellent cost savings for steel roll forming. In addition, steel roll forming provides an opportunity to provide the precise hardness and strength required for best use of the end product. And in addition, steel roll forming is positive for the environment, as steel is easily recycled and reused. Below is a case study for a steel roll forming project we completed recently.

Challenge: A client had a part with multiple lengths (for example, 12.5″, 24″, 36″, 48″). These parts were being produced to the largest length, and then the client was cutting the channels to the appropriate length for their orders. This process had a high scrap rate for both the wrong cuts, and also the pieces that were not needed for this order. It was also causing an issue with their internal quality team. To eliminate further waste and reduce total cost, we suggested a steel roll forming solution.

Solution: Roller Die’s engineering team developed a set of roller dies and a cut off for the client for free. This client was willing to enter into a long-term agreement with Roller Die, in which Roller Die produced their parts to each required specification. The client was also receptive to our suggestion of steel roll forming as our method.

Result: The client is very happy with the results: we have reduced their scrap rates, and have improved the quality of their part with our steel roll forming process. The client was also able to restructure more efficiently as a result, moving the team that had cut parts to length to a leaner team. Their new successes might not have been realized without the steel roll forming process.

Steel availability has been a topic of much recent discussion in our industry. For the latest on steel roll forming pricing and lead times, please view the latest Raw Materials posts in the Roller Die blog.