Galvalume® is a patented aluminum and zinc coated steel sheet product that is well suited for siding and roofing applications.

The roll forming process is used to prepare Galvalume components for installation in building and construction applications. Galvalume roll forming is also used in the manufacture of automotive parts, furniture, appliance components, gutters, piping, and more.

Galvalume is produced using a continuous hot dip process in which welded cold rolled steel is processed continuously on a coating line. Rolling oils and mill dirt are first removed from the uncoiled sheet so that the coating will adhere to the surface. Coating thickness and uniformity is controlled, and various finishing steps are performed. Galvalume roll forming is commonly specified for a variety of applications due to the versatility, performance, and aesthetic quality of Galvalume. The benefits also include corrosion resistance and high heat reflectivity.

Roller Die is knowledgeable and experienced in Galvalume roll forming projects. Our equipment and expertise allow us to provide you with the closest tolerances to meet every aspect of your project needs.
galvalume roll forming

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