Roller Die is capable of creating lock seam metal tubing. Lock seam tubes are formed from all types of metal and used with pre-painted, galvanized, pre-polished, pre-embossed, and galvannealed varieties. Additionally, strippable PVC can be added to lock seam tubes, in order to protect decorative finishes.

The typical method to roll form lock seam metal tubing is as follows:

A metal strip is fed through the forming head where the tubing is formed. The two metals are interlocked via a flexible string, which is inserted into and compressed by the lock seam during manufacturing.

The metal strip that is wrapped can be any standard metal product, surrounded by a layer of stainless steel, brass, copper, or any other metal. This layering is necessary for the product to provide underlying strength and still have a nice decorative finish.

Open Seam Tubes

lock seam tubes