Brass Roll Forming

Brass Roll Forming

Roll Formed Brass

Brass roll forming is used in the manufacture of a broad range of brass components. Plumbing, piping, doorknobs, locks, gears, bearings, and musical instruments are all end products that are made with brass roll formed parts.

An alloy of copper and zinc, brass is well suited for rolling. Brass roll forming is often used for components that require corrosion resistance or where low friction is necessary. Its attractive gold appearance makes brass a popular choice for decorative components. Brass may also be used for in explosive applications because brass is softer and less likely to produce sparks.

Roller Die provides the best materials and price for brass roll forming projects. Our selection of brass types and alloys, as well as our library of standard roll form tooling, allows us to always provide the best metallic properties for your specific end product.

Custom Roll Formed Shapes for Brass
Custom Roll Formed Parts

Unable to find an exact match in our metal roll forming standard tooling library?

No problem.

With nearly 200 years of cumulative metal roll forming and shop experience, our engineers and in-house tool room can still meet your needs. Fill out our request for quote form to send specifications for your upcoming metal roll forming project and/or upload your CAD designs.

Custom Roll Formed Parts

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