5 Reasons You Should Make Solar Panel Frames With Roll Forming

5 Reasons You Should Make Solar Panel Frames With Roll Forming

roll forming solar panelsRoll forming is highly efficient for projects that require medium to high volumes, tight tolerances, and an attractive finish. One of such projects is the manufacturing of solar panel frames. Solar panel framing usually requires specialized materials, exclusive designs, and critical hole placements for field assembly. Also, these panel frames may be required in large volumes. Thankfully, roll forming produces a higher volume of products at lower costs. Here are some reasons why you should make solar panel frames with roll forming.

Roll Forming Is Fast and Efficient

  • One of the major advantages of the roll forming process is that it is fast and efficient. Through roll forming, large volumes of solar panel frames and solar racking can be produced quickly with a low amount of labor. Other processes such as notching, punching, and more can be incorporated into the roll forming process when producing solar panel frames. This will help increase efficiency and reduce the demand for labor.

Roll Forming Is Suitable for Large Volume Productions

  • Today, homeowners, businesses, and industries across the country have continued to turn to solar energy systems as an alternative form of energy generation. As consumers and states request more use of solar panels, the demand for solar racking will only continue to grow. Meeting these high volume demands will require a fast and cost-efficient production process.Fortunately, roll forming allows high volume production for several products compared to press breaking or metal stamping. With roll forming, industries can now produce high volumes of solar panel frames to meet the various needs of consumers and industries across the country.

Roll Forming Provides Closest Tolerance

  • Furthermore, when manufacturing solar panel framing, a very crucial thing to consider is tolerances. Across a large solar field, these small errors can make a significant difference. To prevent this, it is advisable to produce the solar panel frames using a process that can achieve tight tolerances. Roll Forming provides the closest tolerance and aluminum angles for solar panel framing. Products will be more uniform and consistent. With roll forming, it is possible to produce superior quality solar panel frames that are designed to meet very tight tolerances.

Roll Forming is Proficient in Complex Projects

  • As mentioned earlier, solar panel framing requires critical hole placements for field assembly. Thankfully, roll forming is suitable for creating parts that feature uneven legs, aluminum angles, and complex hole configurations. Roll forming will help make extremely precise cuts and products solar panel shapes and dimensions that are very accurate, consistent, and uniform.

Roll Forming is Suitable for Different Materials

  • Lastly, roll forming is suitable for different materials and allows the shaping of metals with powder coating finishes. Whether you want your solar panel frames that are made using aluminized steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, or another type of metal, roll forming can make the process more cost-efficient.

There you have it! Above are some reasons why you should make solar panel frames with roll forming. Roll forming makes it possible to produce solar panel frames in large volumes. The method is fast, efficient, and can achieve tight tolerances.

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