Assembly is an Add-On Option

Assembly is an Add-On Option

At Roller Die + Forming, our main focus is roll forming parts. However, to streamline your manufacturing process, we offer several in-line and add-on services that allow us to provide you with a finished part. From punching and pressing to powder coating and assembly, we can bend, weld, kit, and create the custom metal part you need.

Quality roll formingFor example, when we are rolling parts that are headed off to a construction site or a solar installation, they are not going to another plant where assembly occurs but rather out into the field where they will be installed. Our team can handle parts of the assembly in house and organize multiple parts into kits, allowing for much quicker installation once the parts arrive in the field.

If we are roll forming multiple profiles or cross sections for custom metal parts that work together, we can also assemble in house as the pieces glide off the roll forming machines, ensuring quality and fit, handling the piece once to complete multiple steps, and saving steps in the future when the part arrives at your facility for use.

Shipping out parts just in time saves our customers from needing to warehouse a tremendous number of parts while always having on hand exactly what they need for the day or week. We provide many profiles on a just in time basis with varying volumes. This process can include assembly and other secondary operations so that your parts arrive ready to go.

Our quality control team is proud of their work and makes an effort to deliver consistent, quality parts each time. We often go for weeks, months, and even years at a time for customers without a single quality issue. Our in house team pays attention to the orders we are producing and is pro-active about maintenance and needed tooling replacement.

If you’re interested in learning more about roll forming and the various add-on, in-line, and secondary services we offer for custom metal parts, please reach out to a member of our sales team today.